Australia 2015 – Heathrow > Singapore

Since May 2014, my friend Holly and I had been saving for an adventure of a lifetime. I was so determined to make my dreams a reality. My visa had been accepted, I had decided I would leave work and so we booked our tickets for the following February. We both had made countdowns on our phones which started at around 230 days, feeling like the day would never get here. We made times to see each other and to make plans as to what we would do but as plans go they dont always go accordingly. Christmas day, we both booked our first hostel that we would stay at and we agreed it would be our present. So excited we booked to stay at the closest hostel near Bondi beach and as a treat we paid for a double room instead of a dorm. As they days went by it was soon my birthday, then my 21st party and 2 days later on the 2nd of Feb we were due to fly. All packed and ready, alarm was set for 5.30am the next morning.


Well time soon came around and I woke up, butterflies in my stomach and so anxious. We were soon on our way to the airport, me, my brother and my mum and dad. Holly and I had arranged to meet each other when we got there. I felt much more prepared for the journey this time and had put a spare change of clothes in my bag. Eventually when we had parked just after 6.30am, we found our way inside the airport where we met Holly, and had some hot drinks. I couldnt contain my excitement or nerves, in just a few hours we would be by ourselves for the rest of the year! We didnt realise but just after 8.30am we would go through the barriers but everyone else with us wouldn’t be allowed so we had to say goodbye there and then. By far the hardest thing I have ever done was saying goodbye, leaving them behind for the longest time. With many tears, hugs and overwhelming emotions we said goodbye and walked through the barriers into the departures area.

We still had some time before our flight would be leaving so we decided we would take a wander through to duty free. But firstly, Holly had left her bank card at home and secondly there was no turning back now… but we soon found a solution. So deciding against duty free we took a wander round departures and found our lounge area. I briefly logged onto Facebook to update my friends and family and by 10.30 we were boarding to get onto the aeroplane. Everybody knows that you never leave at your departure time, always somebody they are waiting on or someone confused with seats, we were finally up in the air just after 11am. It was then that I think I finally realised we were actually doing this and also that I would be staring at the screen in front of me for at least 12 or so hours! After around an hour they served us our first meal which wasn’t anything too exciting!

After probably about an hours sleep at the most we had finally made it to Singapore. And the first thing on our minds was getting changed into some fresh clothes, to wash our faces and clean our teeth. I hadn’t been to Singapore before but it was well sign posted and we soon found our way around the airport. We had a short layover of around 2 hours so it gave us time to have a wander and check out places for food. Totally unaware of what the real time was I looked out the window and saw that the sun was just rising! Before we knew it, we were on our way to the departure lounge and probably only sitting for not even 20 minutes and we were being called to get onto our next flight. Exhausted we just wanted to be in Sydney but still had god knows how long until we would get there..


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