Australia 2014 – Hong Kong > Heathrow

Adventure Over.

Finally settling myself on the plane, I was beyond exhausted and just wanted to get home to my family. It felt like the longest journey ever, even with watching heaps of movies and eating the crappy aeroplane food. I was beyond starving and was dying for a meal!

Losing track of time I thought that I should nearly be home! We had some slight turbulence which made things slightly rocky but one good thing was that I managed to get 2 seats to myself as they were empty. It  cost me $30 but I was a desperate to get some sleep on the way home.

A little before we were due to land we were having our last snack! I looked out the window and it seemed as though I had been in darkness for my whole flight. Eventually we landed and it was just after 5am, there had been a slight delay due to too many aeroplanes on the runway but never the less I was surprisingly happy to be back in England and see my family after what seemed way longer than 3 weeks.

Finding the luggage area with my flight number I ran down to find my suitcase. No surprise but it was one of the last ones to come out and had a big yellow tag labelling it ‘CAUTION, HEAVY!’ haha, I guess that would be all the shopping I picked up out there! So anyways after a very kind man hauling it off the carousel for me, I was on my out to the arrivals section, still feeling warm from the aeroplane I couldnt wait to get outside in the cold frosty air. I finally saw my parents, running up to them and giving hugs, my Dad looking after my suitcase we made our way back to the car ready to head home.

Tired, happy, sad and emotional, I was back in England. I reflected back on my time in Australia, telling my parents things they probably could only imagine. Just wishing they could have been able to see how beautiful it really is out there! Updating everybody and letting them know I was home safe, we got home and I went straight to bed overcome with jet lag. I had 2 days to sort myself before returning back to work.

But one thing I knew for sure was… I would defiantly be going back to Australia to see more!




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