Australia 2014 – Melbourne > Sydney

Going home.

Well I couldnt believe when I woke up that morning that I was heading home that day. My 3 weeks had flown by so quickly. I was looked after, treated really well and I couldnt have wished for a better time. Packing up my suitcase, leaving the room so empty I think I finally realised my time was over. In the blink of an eye. My flight was early afternoon and it would take around an hour to get to the airport so we left late morning, after saying goodbyes to some other friends we were on our way.

Once we had found somewhere to park and then found the Virgin Atlantic department we checked in and made our way down to the departure lounge. With about half an hour before we were due to be called the lounge was already packed with people, so we took a wander to the small shop where I bought myself a new book and some magazines.

That time soon came around and my row number was being called, so with lots of sad goodbyes and hugs I got myself into the line, waved goodbye and stepped onto the plane. I was filled with many mixed emotions and felt so overwhelmed my time was over. Unbelievably grateful my friends looked after me and always will be grateful no matter what. But it was time to head home and I knew I had a very long journey in front of me.

Just the same as when I had arrived I had to fly back to Sydney, stop over for an hour or so then go from Sydney back to Hong Kong.  Once I arrived at Sydney Domestic department I had to get the shuttle over to the International Airport. The weather in Sydney was looking pretty miserable so I didnt feel too bad about leaving to go home.

So of course, whilst in Sydney I got myself one last Australian Macca’s and updated everybody back home. Then feeling very tired, I was back on the plane, ready to make my way to Hong Kong again. Time to get some sleep as much as I could!



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