Australia 2014 – Melbourne


Of course, its January and that means one thing… MY BIRTHDAY. First ever birthday I spent without my family, it was the most surrealist thing.  In the whole 3 weeks that I spent in Australia I couldnt get used to waking up to the cookaburrows or seeing sunshine through my window every single day.

On the day of my birthday I woke up and it felt pretty much like any other day. Except, when I went downstairs, I was being cooked MY choice of breakfast. PANCAKES. Usually I only eat them on Pancake day, but this was my day so I chose to have them then. I opened a card and a present and went to get myself ready for the day ahead. Usually in England I would have constant notifications of people wishing me happy birthday but because of the time difference everybody was still asleep…. ‘zzzz.

So after getting myself ready and of course a few self’s, we headed off to Healesville Sanctuary as my birthday treat. It wasn’t that long a drive to get there and still a fairly warm day. We had spent the last 2/3 days staying inside under the air con as it was too hot to go out reaching 44 degrees, so it was nice to  be able to go out finally!

Spending the majority of the afternoon there we made our way back home to get ready for the evening as we were heading out for a meal with some other friends. A few hours after being home and finally ready we went to a place called ‘Mulgrave Country club’ and met everyone else. Such a lovely meal, drinks and a great atmosphere!!

After our meal and staying for a while after we went home so that I could finally cut my beautiful cake. I also got to FaceTime my parents where they sang happy birthday to me. With the time difference it was afternoon for them so it worked out great!

I ended the evening a very happy girl and so lucky i got to celebrate entering my 20’s in AUSTRALIA!!



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