Australia – Melbourne

Tourist Attractions

Whilst staying with my friends in Rowville we decided that to make the most of my holiday we had to visit certain places.

The City

To start off with, 3 days after my arrival we took a little drive into the city with some more friends, it wasn’t too long a journey but long enough for us all in one car. Being January the weather was starting to get really warm and even walking from the car park to the DFO shopping centre it was exhausting, the car temperature ready 33 degrees! But luckily once inside the shopping centre and each shop we were cooled down by the air conditioning. I found myself window shopping a lot but dying to buy a pair of real uggs. After an hour or so coming out the centre with no bags at all, we headed outside and found a quirky little food/bar restaurant called ‘The Boatbuilders Yard’ and bought some drinks. Sitting in the sunshine I took in all the beautiful views that the city had to offer, unbelievably lucky.

Afterwards, we took a walk around and headed down towards Southbank, where there we came across many restaurants and bars. It was around lunchtime and the weather was brutally hot and sticky so this was an ideal time to grab some food and cool down. We spent a while in the restaurant chatting and talking about what plans we had for the rest of my stay. We even spotted the aquarium where I would go in the next few weeks! After mooching around for a while we decided to head home and chill for the rest of the evening. Ahhhhh air con! 🙂


The Beach

I actually visited two beaches whilst staying in Rowville. Its obligatory that if you’re holidaying in Australia, going to the beach is on top of the list! So our first beach visit was to Brighton Beach. This is actually a dog beach and very popular but also very lovely and SOOOOO sandy! We then took a walk for around 40 minutes just chatting, me complaining my feet hurt in my new shoes and then walking back again. To my surprise there were many people running and riding bikes. And so close to the beach were beautiful 2 story newly built houses. W O W . Even for fairly late in the afternoon the weather was still stifling hot.


The second beach we went to was Frankston beach which is next to the Mornington Peninsula. About an hours drive away, we took a visit here 2 days before I was due to leave Australia. The weather was around 33 degree’s, bags packed, sun cream, books and loungers at the ready we picked a spot on the beach and settled down for a few hours. Quite breezy but decided to go take a little dip in the sea and I soon cooled down.

Early evening we decided to head home to catch the last of the sunshine and to work on my tan in the back garden. And after only 20 minutes half in half out in just 25 degrees I stupidly burned and looked like a tomato. Oooops.



Being a total tourist it was only right that I visited the Aquarium! So one day we spontaneously headed to the city to go and see the fishes.. yaaaay. We were lucky enough to find a car park right across from the aquarium so we didnt have to walk far at all.


I literally felt like a 5 year old again as soon as I stepped inside. Time to explore…

Also whilst we were inside, we could see out onto Southbank, where had visited in my first week. My favourite part about the Aquarium was seeing the penguins at the end, they were so fascinating to watch! After a long and busy day it was time to head home and get some fooooooood.



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