Australia 2014 – Heathrow > Hong Kong

4th Jan.

Leaving Home

So the day I was due to fly out to Australia by myself, I woke up with immense excitement. I finished the last of my packing and prayed that the evening would hurry up. My sister came over with the children to say goodbye and Dad being Dad had decided we should leave fairly early in case of any hold ups. My flight was due to take off around 8.30 but we were told we had to be checked in 3 hours before as it was an international flight. So we set off around 4.30 giving ourselves time, and not far at all from the airport we heard a loud BANG. Pulling over in the hard shoulder and checking, we then discovered a tyre had popped and of course… we had no spare. Already filled with nerves this added to it and I panicked thinking I would never make it to the airport. Dad rang for a recovery truck but that could take a long time so making so quick decisions Dad rang his brother and within 45 minutes he was there. Unfortunately I had to say goodbye to Dad which feel awful but I was glad to have my Mum and brother there with me.

We finally checked in and I had everything I needed. I had about an hour before my gate would be open so we decided to find somewhere to have a drink and a light snack. Then when my gate number finally open, I had to queue to go through security! So I said goodbye to my Mum and brother and then when I was on my own it finally sank in that I was really going to travel to the other side of the world by myself!

Gate 57 and it would be the furthest gate that you could possibly get. By this time I was filled with so much excitement and basically sprinted towards my departure lounge.



Just after 8.30pm, with many goodbye phone calls and hugs I was on my way to Australia. The first leg of the journey took around 7 and a half hours before we touched down in Hong Kong. Not really being prepared, I was stuck in the same clothes I had left Heathrow Airport in. Ew. When I arrived at Hong Kong, I was surviving on around 2 hours sleep at the most and so confused with the time differences. One minute it was 9pm the next it was 6pm. The airport was fairly easy to get around and it had good english signs and even when I did need a little help the security guards were very well spoken and happy to help me. After logging onto Facebook to update everybody of where and how I was I finally had some time to sit down before departing again. And I managed to get this one picture 🙂



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